Southeast Alabama Mountainbikers

 SAM Group of Riders


Homebase: Dothan, AL

Elevation: 322 ft.

Local Trails: 9

Days since last accident:

Welcome to Southeast Alabama Mountainbikers online. We are an official IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Chapter located in Southeast Alabama, headquartered in Dothan, Alabama. Our Mission is to promote trail advocacy, health, wellness, and education by developing, maintaining, and riding sustainable multi-use trails. Our Vision is to improve the quality of life for the people in the communities we serve by developing mutually beneficial relationships that support the growth of multi-use trail systems and the promotion of outdoor activities.

Board Officers

President: James Wells

IT / Marketing: David Lavoie

Secretary: Jesse Hess

Treasurer: Mike Lankford

Board Advisors

Craig Tillery

Mike Lankford

Mike Stanley

Chad Chancey

Pam Martin

Todd Martin

Lori Williams Jordon

Trail Maps

Area Trails Map

Local Trails

Beaver Tail Flats

Dragon's Tail

S.A.M.'s Creekside Trail

Stagecoach Plateau

Troy State University Dothan Trails

Zion Cemetery Ridge


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  • Support local and national trail building - Get involved and help it grow!
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  • Trail and mountainbiking educational workshops - Get knowledge and assistance from the experts!
  • Community of bike riding peers - Join your fellow mountainbikers for fun and support!
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